Love and Work Do Mix, Per Latest Survey


Love is in the air at workplaces around the country, as the latest CareerBuilder Valentine’s Day Survey shows that office romances are at a 10-year high.

The annual survey found that 41 percent of workers have dated a co-worker. This is a four percent increase over last year, and the highest it has been since 2007. Additionally, 30 percent of these have led to wedding bells, which is on par with last year’s number.

The blossoming romances are not only taking place between peers. Out of the total number of people in office romances, 29 percent have dated someone whose position is above theirs. This was more prevalent with women than men, at 33 and 25 percent, respectively.

One of the biggest issues with mixing love and work is keeping the romance a secret, which, according to the survey, was the case for 38 percent of the relationships. Male workers tend to prefer secrecy at 40 percent compared to 37 percent for women.

However, not all office relationship end well, and they can sometimes result in more than just heartbreak. Five percent of workers who have engaged in office romances said they had to leave their job due to a failed relationship that adversely affected their workplace.

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