Newlywed from Glen Mills Thankful for New Life After Addiction

Nicole (Kapulsky) Braclalenti

Wallowing in the pain of divorce, she turned to heroin — and embraced a horrible addiction that took more than treatment and rehab to break free from.

But this Thanksgiving, Nicole (Kapulsky) Braclalenti of Glen Mills was grateful for new highs in life that have come heroin-free.

“Six years clean in two months,” she wrote in a Philadelphia Inquirer column by Helen Ubiñas. “Life is wonderful. I have never been happier.”

The newlywed on the brink of an entrepreneurial venture has come a long way from the depths of that divorce and heroin addiction. Methadone treatment and rehab couldn’t pull her out of it, but Google somehow did.

“From a search for ‘ways to get clean on my own,’ the first thing that came up was Vivitrol, a non-narcotic monthly injection of naltrexone that blocks the cravings for heroin,” the article explained. “Vivitrol was her miracle.”

Read much more about Braclalenti’s recovery from heroin addiction and her exuberant new life in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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