Villanova’s Hansell Family Creates BetterWorldians Foundation


Villanova’s Ray and MarySue Hansell, along with their son Gregory, have built on their successful Facebook game “A Better World” by starting the nonprofit BetterWorldians Foundation, writes Linda Stein for Main Line Media News.

Six years ago, with the help of his parents, Gregory Hansell – whose background is in technology, nonprofit organizations, and business – started the game that showcases people’s good deeds.

The game today has more than four million users who have done more than 40 million good deeds and has huge growth potential, according to Ray.

“It rewards good deeds,” he said. “Here, you’re bringing your good deeds into the virtual world and reporting them.”

MarySue added that the family decided to partner with charities to further motivate its users.

“For example, we partner with Operation Warm; we ask players to do 250,000 good deeds and the company will release funds for 500 coats for kids,” she said.

It was this work with charities that led to the creation of the nonprofit entity.

“Our role is drawing people’s attention to positivity, positive thinking, charity, empathy, gratitude,” said Gregory.

Read more about the new foundation from Main Line Media News by clicking here.

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