Radnor’s Qlik Expands Services with New Apps

Lars Björk
Lars Björk

Radnor’s Qlik, a leader in visual analytics, has announced the expansion of its Qlik Consulting Services with the addition of Qlik Accelerate, which delivers applications designed and built by industry experts for real-life business scenarios.

With Qlik Accelerate, businesses are able to gain faster insights into their data, maximize the quality of their applications, minimize the time and costs in app development, and further improve user adoption rates.

Qlik Accelerate is available to any business that is leveraging Qlik Consulting Services, a dedicated team of industry experts devoted to ensuring the value of a Qlik investment.

Based on actual business workflows and a comprehensive set of key performance indicators, Qlik’s pre-built analytics accelerate custom application development. Once data is loaded, the application is ready to use and is scaled to any business requirement.

“Businesses of all sizes continuously look for cutting-edge ways to get and stay ahead of the competition and need not only an analytics solution to uncover insight, but also consultancy to maximize the value a business receives from such solutions,” said Peter Szary, Vice President of Global Consulting Services at Qlik.

“By leveraging Qlik Consulting and our team of industry experts, businesses are able to maximize the value of their Qlik solutions swiftly to ensure early and continued user adoption. This leads to a developed framework that turns data into meaningful insights, oftentimes sparking opportunities for individuals to quickly visualize and explore data in depth, reveal associations, and derive insights to drive better business decisions.”

Peter Harteveld, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development at Compuware, offered his praise for how Qlik has helped to increase his company’s efficiency.

“Through Qlik Accelerate, we were able to be up and running much faster with an application that is robust and meets our exact needs,” he said.

“The Qlik Accelerator suite for Sales Performance has provided us with the foundation to unlock the full potential of Qlik in immediately finding insights within our accounts and opportunities that previously would take multiple hours to find. This has allowed us to manage our business in a much more proactive, focused manner.”

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