Which Delco Schools Rated Well in The Wall Street Journal’s Inaugural College Rankings?

The Swarthmore College campus.
Photo courtesy of Swarthmore College.

The Wall Street Journal, in collaboration with Times Higher Education, recently released its inaugural ranking of U.S. colleges and universities, and two Delaware County institutions rated impressively.

Swarthmore College checked in at No. 34, while Haverford College claimed the 37th spot.

The ranking includes clear performance indicators designed to answer the questions that matter the most to students and their families when making one of the most important decisions of their lives – who to trust with their education:

  • Does the college have sufficient resources to teach me properly?
  • Will I be engaged, and challenged, by my teacher and classmates?
  • Does the college have a good academic reputation?
  • What type of campus community is there?
  • How likely am I to graduate, pay off my loans and get a good job?

The rankings adopted a balanced scorecard approach, with individual performance indicators combining to create an overall score that reflects the broad strength of the institution.

The overall methodology explored four key areas:

  • Resources: Does the college have the capacity to effectively deliver teaching?
  • Engagement: Does the college effectively engage with its students?
  • Outcomes: Does the college generate good and appropriate outputs? Does it add value to the students who attend?
  • Environment: Is the college providing a learning environment for all students? Does it make efforts to attract a diverse student body and faculty?

Villanova ranked No. 116, while Widener ranked No. 252.

Eastern University fell in the 501-600 range, while Cabrini was positioned in the 601-800 range.

Neumann University, meanwhile, scored high on the career-preparation scale, as its students believed their education prepared them well for employment.

Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Penn, and Yale were the Top Five schools, respectively.

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