New Ranking of America’s Top 500 Public Colleges Released


Penn State has placed in the Top 50 public colleges nationwide, according to the recent ranking published by Buffalo Business First.

Penn State is among the Top 50 best public colleges nationwide, according to recent rankings from Buffalo Business First, writes Scott Thomas for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Penn State placed 31st out of nearly 500 four-year public colleges that were ranked by Business First. The publication limited the ranking to public schools as they usually offer a less-expensive route to getting a college degree.

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Penn State is one of five public colleges in the tri-state area recognized in the ranking. The highest was the Delaware at No. 22, followed by Rutgers at No. 25.

The schools that placed highest on the list had strict admissions processes, high retention rates, strong graduation numbers, and more affordable tuition fees. Other key factors included diverse faculties and student bodies, along with strong economic communities.

First place on the list went to Michigan, closely followed by North Carolina in second. The highest-ranked school from Pennsylvania was Pitt at No. 23. Temple also cracked the Top 100 at No. 73, while West Chester University checked in at No. 129.

Read more about the rankings in the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.


Top photo credit: puffclinty Classic Lion Shrine via photopin (license)

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