Springfield’s Apacheta Helps Healthcare Providers Take Advantage of Low-Cost Mobile Logistics


Photo courtesy of Geneeskunde.com.

apachetaApacheta, Springfield’s mobile business solutions provider, is helping healthcare providers switch from expensive upfront hardware and software mobile logistics to a subscription-based cloud service and lower-cost Bring Your Own Device system, writes Jim Butschli for Healthcare Packaging.

“We live in a world that values instant gratification, thanks in part to the majority of operational systems working online and through the cloud,” said Gregg Timmons, Apacheta’s CEO. “However, many healthcare delivery companies still rely on paper-heavy systems, or use expensive, bulky technology to manage logistical concerns that can take weeks to process.”

According to Apacheta, the company’s software can be installed on commonly available Android and iOS devices that allow communication with cloud-based services.

By working in real time, the software allows customers to schedule and monitor a delivery driver’s status, track inventory, streamline the billing process, as well as ultimately improve patient care.

Apacheta also states that, in this area of healthcare, mobile solutions give drivers the ability to focus on patient care, instead of regulatory paperwork, thus vastly improving the experience for everyone involved.

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