Listen Up, Singles! Study Indicates Wawa the Perfect Trifecta for Romantic Encounters

Photo courtesy of Wawa Instagram.

Forget the romantic run-in at a dreamy park or a quaint coffee shop encounter. There’s a good chance your next date could be waiting for you at Wawa.

That’s the word from a state-by-state Psychology Today study of the most popular sources of missed connections, based on the popular Craigslist section.

“Sociologists cite several factors that make Wawa a trifecta for romantic encounters: It’s a place we frequent, it’s conducive — enough — for conversation, and it lends itself to the changing landscape of the commercial sector,” a Philadelphia Magazine article by Mariam Dembele stated.

Convenience stores, epitomized by the Delco-based chain, ranked at the top of the list for Pennsylvania, thanks to the frequency at which people visit and, in Wawa’s case, the round-the-clock warm and friendly atmosphere that makes it a common hang-out spot.

“If Wawa can be considered a club during the night, then it’s surely a café during the day,” the article continued. “Aside from the masses of people that visit the store on a daily basis, Wawa has also upgraded its design layout in way that promotes casual conversation by adding indoor seating.”

Click here to read more about the unique insight into Wawa’s powers of connection in Philadelphia Magazine.

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