Delco Proud Rosati Ice in Clifton Heights Is Known Nationally


A shelf loaded down with different Rosati Ice flavors.
Image via Rosati Ice.
The 100 plus-year-old Rosati Ice in Clifton Heights can be found all over the United States.

Rich Trotter, owner of Rosati Ice out of Clifton Heights recently spoke about his company on the Good Neighbor Podcast, hosted by Bob Baisse.

Rosati Ice, a unique brand of water or Italian ice, was started in West Philadelphia by Sam Rosati in 1912, but the 100 plus-year-old company shifted its operations to Clifton Heights in 1955.

Trotter said Rosati Ice is “Clifton Heights Proud” and “Delco Proud.”

The local company is known nationally thanks to distribution in schools, supermarkets and some convenience stores. 

About 30 percent of its business is in California, 25 percent is in Texas, and another 20 percent covers Florida through North Carolina.

“I don’t know why but wherever it’s warmer in the climate, you can generally find Rosati Ice,” Trotter said.

The sorbet-like product , with natural flavorings, colorings and no added sugars, is sold in clear containers. It’s dairy-, nut-, gluten-, and cholesterol-free.

The product successfully worked its way onto school lunch menus about 20 years ago as a half-fruit option.

That’s a different business model than the past when water ice made you a “gob of money in the summer” but you lost “a gob of money in the winter,” Trotter said.

Hear more of Rich Trotter’s interview at the Good Neighbor Podcast.

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