Embellishment vs. Authenticity: Balancing Job Titles on LinkedIn


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LinkedIn is the premier arena for cultivating professional identity and forging connections. Your LinkedIn presence, particularly your job titles, acts as a lighthouse, drawing in potential employers, clients, and peers to your online profile.

There’s an ongoing discussion about whether or not it is better to embellish your job titles to up to 100 characters for impact or stick to the title your company assigned you.

You can either creatively enhance your job titles within a 100-character limit or faithfully adhere to your official job titles. Both approaches have implications for how you’re perceived and found within the platform’s search system. Let’s delve into some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Creative Job Titles

Increased Searchability: By incorporating strategic keywords, embellished titles may elevate your profile’s search ranking. Using sector-specific jargon or capabilities can significantly increase your chances of being discovered by recruiters looking for those precise skills.

Setting Yourself Apart: Unique titles can make your profile memorable amid a crowd of standard titles.A distinctive title can highlight your creative approach to working in fields where innovation is prized.

Telling Your Story: Creative titles allow you to align your professional narrative more closely with your career goals or the breadth of your duties. This is especially beneficial for roles that defy conventional labels.

Preparing for Future Goals: If you’re aiming for a shift, whether within your field or into a new one, incorporating keywords related to desired skills or roles can help you plan your next steps.

Disadvantages of Creative Job Titles

Potential for Mistrust: For job seekers, embellishing their title might tread a thin line between creativity and falsehood. Deviating significantly from their actual role could diminish trust among their network and prospective employers who prioritize integrity.

Possible Confusion: While memorable, inventive titles can also lead to misunderstanding, possibly causing missed opportunities with those seeking your particular expertise or for someone wanting to find someone with an exact job title.

Issues with Automated Screening: Numerous organizations employ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to sift through candidates. These systems may not recognize unconventional titles, potentially sidelining your profile despite being an ideal match. However, you must ensure your primary job title on LinkedIn aligns with your resume and employer records in case a background check is done.

Influence on LinkedIn’s Search Mechanism

While creative titles might improve your visibility through strategic keyword use, they could also misdirect your profile away from searches that match your true skills and expertise.

LinkedIn™ is a database that categorizes various criteria, including titles and keywords. An inventive title might place you in unrelated searches or exclude you from fitting opportunities due to differing labels.

Finding the Ideal Mix

Merging inventiveness with precision is crucial for maximizing LinkedIn’s networking capabilities. If opting to enhance your job title, consider:

  • Ensuring clarity by including your actual job title in your profile’s description or experiences as the first title
  • Employing keywords thoughtfully and accurately, mirroring your abilities and experiences in that role
  • Keeping your profile updated to reflect your career progression and align with standard industry titles and terminology


In summary, while creative job titles on LinkedIn can enhance your profile’s visibility and distinctiveness, they carry risks regarding credibility and search precision. Marrying creativity with authenticity ensures your LinkedIn profile captures and accurately presents your professional essence, optimizing your digital marketplace presence.

A Personal Perspective

I advocate for creative enhancement of job titles, and here’s my reasoning.

A couple of years ago, I assisted a client who updated his headline and creatively altered his current job title on LinkedIn following thorough keyword research and strategic decision-making regarding profile keywords. Those were the only two changes he made to his profile that evening.

Within three days, a recruiter contacted him, intrigued by two specific words. Three weeks later, he had a meeting with European visitor. Only one of these keywords was in his headline, but both were in his modified job title.

Although LinkedIn™ constantly evolves, and we don’t grasp about its algorithms, we understand its foundation as a reservoir of data and keywords. So, why not experiment with your job titles and observe the impact?

Nothing is set in stone; adjustments are always possible.

While updating, consider refreshing your profile monthly. Curious how? Look into reading Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile.

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