N.Y. Times: L.L. Bean Heiress Wants to Rebuild Lost Maine Waterfront with Help of Wyeth Art


An L.L. Bean store
Image via iStock.
An L.L. Bean store

L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean is hoping to rebuild a lost Maine waterfront using the art of the Wyeth family, writes Ralph Blumenthal for The New York Times.

Bean has been a passionate fan of the painting clan of Wyeths of Chadds Ford. The three generations of American realists also owned homes not far from hers in Maine.

Her favorite is N.C. Wyeth, who is famous for his classic book illustrations.

“I love his art, I just love it,” said 82-year-old Bean. “It’s bold, colorful.”

Andrew, his son, and Jamie, his grandson, are also on the list of artists she admires and whose works she owns.

However, some of the family paintings were lost in a recent fire that destroyed several buildings Bean owns on Port Clyde’s waterfront.

Now, she has enlisted Jamie Wyeth to help her rebuild what was lost.

“Anything I can do to help, I would,” he said. “I’m totally behind whatever she wants to do there.”

He already donated $5,000 to aid the neighbors and will contribute paintings to help pay for the restoration.

Read more about Linda Bean’s efforts to restore the waterfront in The New York Times.


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