Villanova University Quarterback Launching Training App


Tanner Maddocks during a football game.
Athlete Squared, an app being launched by Villanova quarterback Tanner Maddocks, offers high school athletes access to affordable training help.

Villanova University freshman quarterback Tanner Maddocks is launching a sports tech startup featuring a training app, Athlete Squared, for young athletes, writes Ryan Mulligan for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Athlete Squared was inspired by his own high school athletic experience

The 19-year-old was a quarterback at Fleetwood High School outside of Reading.

With only limited access to a personal trainer or coach, Maddocks turned to watching NFL quarterbacks on YouTube.

Athlete Squared hopes to make training and coaching more accessible and affordable by allowing college athletes to earn an income by making training content for younger kids.

“You’re creating content that you wish your younger self had,” said Maddocks, a public relations and advertising major at Villanova.

The platform is expected to open as an app in May.

The app cuts down on the time now spent by athletes creating in-person training sessions.

Content production for the app takes about two hours per month between the training sessions and editing.  Athletes can use the app to set prices and pull in income by offering subscriptions to the younger athletes. 

Athlete Squared would take a 20 percent commission, with Maddocks setting a goal of generating $1 million in revenue in the company’s first year.

Find out more about Maddocks’ plans going forward in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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