Bonner’s Receiver Jalil Hall Noticed for His Catches With a Flair


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The Bonner-Prender Friar wide receiver Jalil Hall is getting the attention of several universities for his wnning catches.

The Bonner-Prendergast Friar’s wide receiver Jalil Hall is getting noticed by Duke, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Syracuse Universities for his acrobatic catches, writes Aaron Carter for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The long-armed Bonner-Prendergast junior receiver made a noticeable leaping catch against rival Conwell-Egan last year. The 16-year-old continued to catch, dive, and score in games against Ireland.

“Obviously, the sky is the limit,” Bonner-Prendie coach Jack Muldoon said, “but he’s already well on his way to reaching those heights.”

His actions are a win-win for the team’s offensive and defensive practices. 

“It’s funny if I catch it, we all celebrate as an offense. It’s the same for the defense. If the DB breaks it up. It’s just a good way to start practice with a lot of energy,” Hall said.

During games, it’s also a good way to get points. When the Friars get into the red zone, Hall gets at least one ball thrown his way in the end zone.

He finished last year with a single-season school record for touchdowns, scoring 15.

This year, Hall has been helping develop two freshman quarterbacks, Keniai Gatling and Noel Campbell.

League coaches have named Hall a first-team all-Catholic receiver and lineman.

Find out more about Jalil Hall in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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