Upper Darby High Classes Start Later and It’s Made a Difference

The Upper Darby High School marquee with the school campus in the background
Image via Upper Darby School District

Upper Darby High School senior Khalid Doulat is grateful for a later starting time at school.

Instead of having to be ready for classes at 7:30 a.m., students are starting at 9:45 a.m. That gives Khalid Doulat time to say prayers, help his mother, or prepare for track practice, writes Brooke Schultz for the Star Advertiser.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve been much happier in the mornings,” Doulat said. “I’ve been more positive, and I’ve come to school smiling more rather than, you know, grudging out of bed and stuff like that at 7:30.”

Later school start times have been suggested for years as a way to give adolescents more sleep. Now, it’s also seen as a way to address the mental health crisis that has hit teens nationwide.

Insufficient sleep was only fueling the problem.

Upper Darby Superintendent Daniel McGarry saw students disrespecting teachers when they returned to in-person classrooms.

While the district is still working its way through it all, things are better, he said.

 “I think our kids feel better. They’re not 100% better.” But, he said, much of the social anxiety students felt after being in online school has dissipated.

Read more about Upper Darby High School’s shift in schedule at the Star Advertiser.

ABC News reports on the growing trend to start the school day later.

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