Barn Owl Goes Missing in Pottstown; Owner Hopes Locals Can Help Find ‘Ollie’

Image via Molly Graf at Facebook.
Ollie, A Barn Owl Missing in Pottstown.

Ollie the barn owl went missing in Pottstown over the weekend and is still at large. His plight was announced in a string of Facebook posts.

He and his human, Molly Graf, participated in the annual Pow Wow at Riverfront Park, an annual celebration of Native American culture.

Graf was there as a falconer, demonstrating the athleticism and skill of her licensed birds of prey.

Ollie was onsite when an unfortunate “equipment failure” led to his escape.

He turned up in a neighborhood chimney, where a local animal-rescue service extracted him. But despite the identification band on his leg, he was inadvertently rereleased.

Graf is understandably eager for his return.

“Ollie was raised by people and is an imprint, meaning he depends on people for food and care,” she posted. “He is very tame. He has never been wild and never hunted for his food.

“I must find him asap, as he hasn’t eaten since Friday.”

He was subsequently spotted near Saint Aloysius Parish School, 844 N. Keim Street, Pottstown, but not captured.

Graf says Ollie can be subdued by being covered with a towel and brought inside to a shed or garage.

Finders can then contact her at 717-776-5110.


Factual information on the barn owl.

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