Immaculata University Opens Registration for Flexible Summer Sessions

Image via Immaculata University.

Registration for Immaculata University’s summer sessions is open for current undergraduates and visiting students who are looking to complete major requirements, get ahead in their studies, or just take an elective. Take advantage of summer courses to fulfill general education requirements in biology, business, chemistry, English composition, Spanish, psychology, or music.

The summer schedule includes three options: Summer 1, May 15 through July 3; Summer II, July through Aug. 17; and a full 14-week term from May 15 — Aug. 17.  Most classes are available online or in a hybrid format or held face-to-face on Immaculata’s campus.

Students who wish to register for Immaculata’s summer sessions can view summer undergraduate courses. New or visiting students should complete the student application form.  Students who plan to transfer credits earned during Immaculata’s summer sessions to their home institutions should confirm first that the courses/credits will be accepted toward their degree requirements.

Learn more at Immaculata University.

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