West Chester Technology Consultant Helps Fellow IT Company Find Their Footing

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As we all know, running a small business can be extremely difficult. Whether you’re going through periods of extreme business where you don’t have enough staff to keep up with demand, or if you’re going through periods of extreme slowness when it feels like it might not pick back up again. 

Regardless of what stage you may find yourself in, sometimes, we just need a little help. Local technology consultant, IT Edge, recognized that when their long-time partner started struggling. Luckily, IT Edge is equipped with all the tools and knowledge to adequately help a small business out of a bid.

Keep reading to find out how they helped!

The History of IT Edge and Access Computer Services

Access Computer Services Group and IT Edge have been business partners for quite a long time. With both of their founders working in Chester County for the last 30 years, mutual respect was formed between both IT Edge and Access Computer Services group, as well as a business relationship that was mutually beneficial.

Since IT Edge handles mostly small-to-medium-sized businesses with multiple employees, they carve out a niche that was unique to them within the Chester County technology scene. Access Computer Services Group, on the other hand, decided to mainly focus on home users, and sole proprietorships.

With both of their audiences defined, this mutually beneficial relationship started and continues on to this day. Unfortunately, even with the clients being directed over by IT Edge, Access Computer Services Group still found themselves in a difficult position business-wise.

Clearly Define Your Goals

Unfortunately, now, in the age of the internet, word of mouth just isn’t what it used to be anymore. Companies like Access Computer Services Group built their following and new client relationships over word of mouth, but as technology progressed, word of mouth started becoming less and less efficient at landing new clients.

That’s why Access Computer Services Group came to the IT Edge digital marketing department for some answers. In this particular case, Access Computer Group wanted to increase its brand recognition so that ultimately new clients would come in time. That was no problem for IT Edge’s digital marketing team.

Within a matter of days, IT Edge conducted its onboarding process and was able to pinpoint many target keywords that Access Computer Services had never targeted. Over the course of the next few weeks, IT Edge’s digital marketing created a plethora of social media posts and webpages that contained their targeted keywords. Now, it was time to wait and see how Google’s algorithm responded to it.

Digital Marketing For Whatever Business You Like

Surely enough, within a manner of weeks, results started to trickle in on the Access Computer Services Group webpages. Whether it be more organic traffic coming from all the SEO strategies employed, or more followers on social media accounts because of the consistent posting, Access Computer Group continued to grow. In fact, owner Doug Smith told IT Edge “We’ve gotten more calls in the last month than we used to get in the entire year.” 

Regardless of what industry you’re in or what your business does, it’s proven that proper digital marketing strategies will and do make a difference. If you think your company could benefit from a consultation with IT Edge’s digital marketing department, contact them today!

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