IT Edge in West Chester Supports Business Resolutions for the New Year

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The beginning of the new year is the perfect time for you, as a business owner, to set some personal and professional resolutions that you can strive to achieve over the course of the next year.

Running a small business can be difficult, and it can be even harder if you’re doing it by yourself. Luckily, local tech consulting company, IT Edge, is here to help. With over 30 years as a small business, IT Edge knows what it takes to grow your business.

That’s why IT Edge is here to supply three resolutions that they believe your company should strive towards in this next year. All of these resolutions will help make your business run smoother and more efficiently.

Are you curious to find out what these three resolutions are? Keep reading!

Make the Jump To Managed IT

Running your own business is difficult as it is, never mind having to deal with all of the technical difficulties that come with it. Managed IT is exactly what it sounds like. Your business contacts a third party who then handles all of the technical aspects of your business. With managed IT, your technicians will handle the setup of any new technology in your office, your servers, troubleshooting, and fixing any potential technical issues that may arise over the course of your work.

This option is great for people who aren’t familiar with technology, or don’t have the time to deal with it. Switching to managed IT for your business is guaranteed to free up time for you to devote back to your business, or maybe a hard-earned break. 

Finding the right managed IT provider can be difficult. That’s why we recommend IT Edge. IT Edge has been helping businesses in Chester County with their IT for over 30 years. Plus, they’re a small business, so they know how important your time is. Check out IT Edge’s managed IT services.

Switch Over to Cloud Based Computing Services

One of the most difficult parts about running a business is investing in all of the technology needed for day to day operations. With this resolution, you can save money and time! 

Switching over to cloud based computing services is the way of the future. When operating on the cloud, you are using an internet server that you rent, rather than having to buy and own your own personal server and software. This will diminish the amount of money that you’re putting into your business, and put more in your pocket instead.

In addition to the financial benefits of cloud services, you don’t need to worry about power outages or complicated data backups. Without a centralized server, you’re able to share and collaborate on files with ease. 

Fortunately, IT Edge also offers their own cloud services. All of the cloud servers are maintained in a safe and secure location, completely backed up and protected from power outages and data loss.

Protect Yourself With A Cybersecurity System

Did you know that, in 2021, 61 percent of all small businesses were a target of a cyberattack? As the years go by, cybercriminals have been focusing their efforts on small businesses more and more frequently. 

The last thing you want is to lose the thing you’ve worked so hard to create. That’s why, in 2023, it’s time to invest in a cybersecurity system. Investing in a cybersecurity service not only helps keep your data, money, and network safe, but it can also provide insurance in the event that there is a breach.  

Who else to turn to, but your local IT experts? IT Edge is your resident cybersecurity expert, with an experienced team of cybersecurity professionals. When contacting IT Edge for cybersecurity services, you’ll have the option to choose from three different licensed softwares, each with their own benefits. 

Once your software is chosen, IT Edge will handle the setup and installation on all of your devices, as well as consistent monitoring of the software to ensure that you’re staying safe at all times.

Contact IT Edge Today

With over 30 years of experience, IT Edge knows what it takes to keep your business moving forward. With so much on their plate already, it can be difficult for business owners to implement all of these changes.

That’s why IT Edge is here for you. If you’re a business owner, and find yourself wanting to implement any of these resolutions, contact IT Edge today.

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