VFMC’s Preferred Early Commissioning Program Draws Future Military Leaders

ECP Cadets at VFMC participate in exciting exercises, including transport in a Chinook helicopter.
Image via Valley Forge Military Academy and College
ECP Cadets at VFMC participate in exciting exercises, including transport in a Chinook helicopter.

The Valley Forge Military College’s Army ROTC Early Commissioning Program (ECP) continues to draw men and women seeking leadership opportunities in the US military.

It is popular for those with an ROTC scholarship since the VFMC program enables Cadets to commission as officers in two years – half the time required elsewhere.

“While attending Valley Forge Military College, ECP Cadets who have been awarded an ROTC scholarship receive a tuition-free education,” said Karen Fluck, Army ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer. “Additionally, graduates of the Early Commissioning Program are eligible to receive Army funds to cover the full cost of their tuition for their junior and senior year of college.”

At VFMC, new classes are accepted for January and September annually; ECP students are accepted only in September. There is a heavy acceptance currently underway for the fall semester with an April 15th deadline.

VFMC is the only school in the northeast offering the ECP accelerated path to becoming military officers.

At graduation from VFMC, Cadets are commissioned as Second Lieutenants and serve as officers in the Army Reserve or National Guard, while completing their bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university.

VFMC grads typically attend the most prestigious colleges in the US, including Penn State University, the University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, and Texas Christian, among others.

“There is no question VFMC’s program is challenging – it is meant to be,” said Fluck. “The US Army wants top-performing officers and leaders, and that is taught here better than elsewhere.”

Among the notable graduates are Maryland Governor Wes Moore, General H.R. McMaster, and General Gustave Perna, among others.

Cadets choose the branch of service including active-duty Army, National Guard, or Army Reserves, and serve for a minimum of four years of active duty or eight years in reserve units or National Guard.

Historically 30 percent of each class competes for active duty and the remainder will serve in the National Guard or Army Reserves. VFMC graduates are selected for active duty more frequently than those from other schools, are consistently ranked as top performers by their peers, and have consistently earned first place in the Cadet Command’s Ranger Challenge competition.

Non-barracks living in year two at VFMC also make it a popular choice.

“Cadets can enjoy some independent living similar to other college experiences while still experiencing a military atmosphere,” said Anri Vardanyan, enrollment manager and 2015 VFMC graduate.

Other draws for students are close proximity to Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, D.C., and the campus amenities including a high-end weight room and a campus rifle range.

“Those receiving ROTC scholarships should be very proud having been selected for the prestigious award,” said Ms. Fluck. “Combining it with a VFMC education sets Cadets up for a successful military career and for whatever comes after that.”

You can find an application to the Valley Forge Military College’s Army ROTC Early Commissioning Program here.

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