Concordville Inn Demolition OK’d, but Some History Must Remain

The 18th-century Concordville Inn in Concord Township
Image via Google Maps
The 18th-century Concordville Inn in Concord Township

Demolition of the historic Concordville Inn has been approved, with conditions, writes Pete Bannan for the Daily Times.

A demolition date of the building at 772-780 Baltimore Pike was not announced.

The Inn was built in 1777. A 50-bed specialty rehab hospital owned by Encompass Health Corp. will replace it.

Concord Township Council gave seven conditions before demolition could take place.

No explosives.

The inn’s interior and exterior must be documented in photos.

Floor plans must be provided, and components of the historical structure turned over to the historical commission.  

The new building must contain historical artwork of the area, including a historic photo of the lobby of the inn.

It must use the architectural style of the Concordville Inn and preserve the historic character of the streetscape.

Debra A. Shulski, representing Encompass, said there were concerns about matching the inn’s architectural style.

“My client just has some concerns making that commitment given the proposed use, which is obviously not a residential use.”, she said.

The new building would be compatible with surrounding uses and medical facilities in the area, she said.

A final plan for the new building will need the approval of the Concord Township Council.  

Read more about the Concordville Inn in the Daily Times.

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