A Valentine’s Gift From the Delco Health Department: Free Condoms

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For sexually active couples on Valentine’s Day and beyond, the Delaware County Health Department (DCHD) has a gift for you–Doing Delco Safely.

It’s a free mail-order condom distribution program in recognition of Valentine’s Day and National Condom Week Feb. 14 to 21.

“Doing Delco Safely” offers a variety of condom options. Residents can order up to 10 free condoms to be mailed directly to them.

You can place the order here.

Additionally, residents can also pick up condoms during business hours at both Delaware County Wellness Centers in Yeadon and Chester.

There is a serious purpose behind the offer. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are more common than many people realize and the rates have been rising in recent years.

One of the best ways people can protect themselves and their partners is by reducing the risk of transmission through consistent condom use.

Since STIs do not always cause visible symptoms, it is possible that people may become infected and transmit to their partner without knowing.

If you are sexually active or will be in the future, the Delaware County Health Department urges residents to prevent the spread of infection by taking advantage of these free condoms.

“Sexually transmitted infections increased in Delaware County and across the United States during the pandemic over the last few years,” said Delaware County Health Director Melissa Lyon.

“The ‘Doing Delco Safely’ condom distribution program gives residents additional access to protection for themselves and their partners.”

The most common sexually transmitted infection in Delaware County is chlamydia, followed by gonorrhea. Rates of chlamydia in Delaware County have been relatively steady, with a slight increase of 2,748 chlamydia cases reported in 2021 and 2,937 chlamydia cases reported in 2022 (about a 6 percent increase).

In contrast, in 2020-2021 gonorrhea cases in Delaware County decreased by from 1,237 to 1,069 cases (about a 14 percent decrease).

Although in much smaller numbers, syphilis cases in Delaware County have increased. From 2020-2021, Delaware County cases of early or latent (mild or no symptoms) syphilis increased by over half from 71 to 113 cases, and primary (symptomatic) syphilis more than doubled from 7 to 15 cases.

If residents suspect they may have come into contact with an STI (including HIV), the Delaware County Health Department is here to help.

DCHD offers free STI testing at both Delaware County Wellness Centers in Yeadon and Chester. Appointments are encouraged but not required.

Wellness Clinic STI/HIV Testing Walk-in Hours

  • Wednesdays 10 AM to 3 PM, Delaware County Wellness Center at Chester, 150 W. 5th Street, Chester
  •  Mondays 10 AM to 2 PM, Delaware County Wellness Center at Yeadon, 125 Chester Avenue, Yeadon

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 484-276-2100 or email DelcoWellness@delaware.pa.us.

Find out more and learn about the county’s health department here.

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