What’s Life Expectancy in Delaware County? Read On

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Delaware County is on a list of 34 counties out of 67 in Pennsylvania where the average life span for residents matches or exceeds the state average.

A resident here can expect to live an average of about 78 years. That’s the state average, according to Stacker.com.

 On health outcomes, Delaware County was 17th in the state. Quality of life was 14th.

Our neighboring counties did well. Bucks County residents have an average life expectancy of 79.5 years, 1.5 more than the statewide average. It ranked 7th in health outcomes and 4th in quality of life.

Montgomery County residents live an average of 80.5 years, 2.5 more than the statewide average. It ranks 4th statewide in health outcomes and 2nd in quality of life.

Chester County has an average life expectancy of 81.2 years, 3.2 more than the statewide average. It came in first in the state for health outcomes and quality of life.

U.S. life expectancy has been rising for most of the population. Between 1960 and 2019, American life expectancy rose by a decade to the age of 79.

That’s attributed to improved health care, including diagnostic and medical advancements, and shifting lifestyles to healthier diets and less smoking or alcohol consumption.

See the entire life expectancy list at Stacker.com.

COVID, drug overdoses impact national life expectancy figures.

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