PA Farm Show Butter Sculpture Turns into Renewable Energy

Image via American Dairy Association North East.
Butter sculpture created Conshohocken artists.

Conshohocken artists are spreading their creation across Pennsylvania, even after it’s been disassembled. Jim Victor and Marie Pelton created a 1,000-pound butter sculpture to go on display at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

It took several weeks to construct using donated Land O’ Lake’s butter from Carlisle.  

The sculpture has since been deconstructed by the American Dairy Association North East and the Reinford Farms and Friendship Community 4-H club of Dauphin County

The butter was then taken to Brett Reinford’s dairy farm in Mifflintown to be broken down by a methane digester to create renewable energy.

Because of these methane digesters, the farm was able to convert 35,000 tons of food waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Read more about the recycling of a butter sculpture in The Bradford Era.  

Construction of the Farm Show butter sculpture.

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