Walé Oyéjidé of Lansdowne Debuts ‘Bravo, Burkina!’ at Sundance

Lansdowne filmmaker Walé Oyejide sits in an empty theater in South Philadelphia
Image via Jose F. Moreno, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Lansdowne filmmaker Walé Oyejide

Filmmaker Wale Oyejide of Lansdowne focuses on the Black experience with his debut feature, “Bravo, Burkina!” which premiered yesterday at the Sundance Film Festival, writes Earl Hopkins for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

In “Bravo, Burkina” a Burkinabe boy leaves his village to start over in a small Italian city, but later travels back in time to find what he had lost during his journey.

“It’s an immigrant story. It’s an outsider story. It’s a love story. It’s got time travel. It’s got a bunch of darts thrown at the board, and I think there’s a lot for people to connect with,” Oyéjidé said.

“It’s also unabashedly a beautiful African story. As much as you love Martin Scorsese’s fantastic Italian films, there’s room for this, too.”

Oyéjidé was born in West Africa but grew up mostly in Nigeria and the Middle East. His family moved to Atlanta when he was a teenager until they settled in the Philadelphia region.

He worked as a defense lawyer before developing his own West African-inspired fashion brand, Ikire Jones, with collaborator Sam Hubler in 2012.  Marvel Entertainment worked with the duo to make costumes for “Black Panther”.

Read more about Lansdowne filmmaker Wale Oyejide and “Bravao, Burkina!” in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Here’s a clip from the movie “Bravo, Burkina!”.

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