Pennsylvania Game Commission Warns Residents of a Unique Visitor to the Area

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The commission advises against approaching the animals.

Delaware County is no stranger to rare animal sightings, and neither is nearby Bucks County as a one-year anniversary approaches of a coyote being spotted in the area. Authorities are warning residents to remain diligent. Gregory Vellner wrote about the local animals for NewsBreak.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has sent out a reminder of last year’s coyote sightings. The purpose of this was to let local residents know that it could happen again and that they should stay alert.

“You could see them out during the daytime hunting or see them out crossing the road in the evening,” said Dustin Stoner of the Game Commission. “Coyotes exist pretty much in every square mile of Pennsylvania.”

“They’re a predatory canine and can range in the 20- to 40- or 50-pound area depending on the age and sex of the animal, and be a pretty formidable predator that preys on pets if left unsupervised.”

While these animals are known to be skittish around humans and usually run away, the commission advises against approaching them.

Read more about rare animal sightings at NewsBreak.


PBS explores why coyotes are inhabiting densely populated areas across the United States and how their world can coexist with ours?

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