Four Questions to Ask Your Potential Boss

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While preparing for an interview and tweaking your resume might be the first to come to mind when job-hunting, there are other things to consider. One of the tasks that some people neglect is knowing the right questions to ask their potential employers. Here are the top four questions to ask future bosses when job hunting, according to 

“Which of my skills will be evaluated during reviews?” 

Performance reviews can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re a newer employee. However, knowing what your bosses can expect from you can ease the anxiety. If they give you vague answers like “A gut instinct,” then that means your potential boss won’t be able to effectively communicate what they’re looking for from you.  

“What does micromanaging look like to you?” 

Nobody likes a nitpicker, and having a boss that constantly peers over your shoulder can affect the quality of your work.  

“How quickly do you expect responses?” or “When do meetings begin?” 

This is a good way to gauge when bosses expect you to be available, and how much they value timeliness. If they expect you to respond after work hours, that means they don’t respect your personal time.  

“Can we meet in person?” 

Not many people get to meet potential employers these days, especially if workplaces are virtual. In real life interactions can really help you determine what kind of person you will be dealing with.  

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Youtuber Self Made Millennial gives advice on what to ask an interviewer.

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