10 Tips for Successfully Starting a New Job

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A new job is an exciting time, but it can also be nerve-wracking due to the pressure of having to live up to the expectations your boss has for you.

Confidence will come with time, but even on your first day, there are some habits you can develop to get yourself off to a good start.

If you are looking to impress at your new job, The Balance Careers had a variety of useful ideas to make a good debut. Here are some of the best points.

Communicate with Your Boss

Your boss shouldn’t be your adversary. Instead of avoiding them, keep them appraised on your progress with projects so they see you are dependable.

Ask for Help

You never look foolish for asking for help about something you are unfamiliar with. Put your pride aside and ask.

Put in the Time

Promptness is always appreciated in a schedule. Don’t get in the habit of arriving late and leaving early.

Work on Your Social Media Presence

If they haven’t already, people in the company will likely look for you on social media sites. Keep your pages private, and make sure nothing embarrassing is posted on your pages.

Look for a Mentor

If you realize there is someone whose career path you would like to emulate, start building a relationship with them to learn how they got there.

Join in Work Activities

Even if it is not always fun, staying for a work party will help get you noticed and let your colleagues get to know you.

Keep Your LinkedIn Current

Don’t leave your profile set up to still say you are open to work. Update your position to show anyone who checks that you are committed.

Participate in Meetings

Sometimes a new person will have a fresh perspective. Don’t be afraid to chime in.

Join a Good Crowd

Just like in school, there will still be some people who are not good influences. Never forget, the company you keep reflects on you, so stick clear of troublemakers.

Be Helpful to Others

Eventually, you will learn enough to start teaching people newer than you. Pass on the help and lend a hand.

Don’t be so afraid of making a mistake that you come off timid at your new job. Show why your manager made a smart decision bringing you on.

For the full list of all 20 suggestions from The Balance Careers, read their post here.


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