How Does an Individual Begin a Job Search On and Off LinkedIn?

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How does an individual begin a job search on and off LinkedIn? Are you a recent grad or an unemployed person who has not done a job search in a long time?

Are you asking yourself where to begin your job search? First, realize that looking for a job IS a job.

You may not know this, but a job search is a team sport and should not be done alone. You need a support system of family, friends, and/or job search groups where you can learn and network.

There is a list of job seeker and networking groups at the end of this Google doc.

You have probably heard of lifelong learning, which should include “job school” if you are a career professional. “Job school” is not an institution of higher education, but where there are opportunities to learn job search skills and get resources.

Higher education institutions have a career services department, and I bet most recent graduates tapped into those resources minimally to not at all. Classwork, social life, and sleep probably were top of your list. As a recent grad, it’s time to see what you missed at job school!

For seasoned professionals who are newly unemployed, the career services department from your undergraduate or graduate education is still available to you as an alum, so check it out!

On LinkedIn, tap into your alum network. Since networking is critical, ensure you have a networking plan and always maintain a positive attitude.

You will need to track your networking contacts and job search activity in a CRM or spreadsheet, which is one of the 12 benefits of becoming a professional or executive member of the Great Careers Groups.

You must prepare an elevator pitch to introduce yourself when attending networking events.

You need to update your resume, optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords, and ensure you have over 500 connections. Start posting and commenting on LinkedIn.

You can also write articles or blogs, give presentations, or volunteer. Fine-tune your interview skills. Preparation is essential.

Yes, there are many great series on Netflix that you can binge-watch, but you have to take action on your career and make things happen.

Hire a career coach if you need help and get an accountability partner.

As a job seeker, you are in sales and marketing, selling and marketing yourself, and nothing gets sold sitting on the couch. Get out there and make networking a habit!

Review these 24 job search strategies and join us for online events and networking at the Great Careers Groups! You will be glad you did!

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