2SP Brewing 2017 Beer Made With 1,000 Pounds of Honey

2SP Brewing Company Brewing beer
Image via 2SP Brewing Company.

Aston’s 2SP Brewing Company, one of the region’s premier craft breweries, has released its newest beer, Pollen Nation, an Imperial Saison brewed with nearly 1,000 pounds of locally sourced honey.

In light of last year’s overwhelming success, decorated Head Brewer Bob Barrar and Head Cellarman Andrew “Ruby” Rubenstein has brought back one of the brewery’s most popular seasonal brews.

Pollen Nation is an Imperial Saison brewed with nearly 1,000 pounds of honey – more than 25 pounds per barrel – from Fruitwood Orchards, a family-owned and operated honey producer and packer located in Monroeville, N.J.

The seasonal beer is slightly dry with bursts of white grape and apricot and balanced nicely with the pleasant sweetness from the honey.

At 10.5 percent, Pollen Nation is dangerously drinkable and the perfect warm-weather sipper.

“There’s no Claritin needed to drink this beer,” said Rubenstein. “It’s dry, and light on the palate, with no burn.”

Pollen Nation is on draft at the 2SP Brewing Company Tap Room, as well as various restaurants and bars in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared April 20, 2017.

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