Five Remote Work Apps to Use When Working From Home

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Remote work is rising in popularity, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Here are some remote work apps you can download that will help ease you into your remote job, according to the technology publication MUO.  


Even though you’re not in an office, it’s still important that you get paid fairly. This app tracks the time that it takes for you to finish your projects, so you can accurately log the hours you deserve to be paid for.  


This app helps organize all your tasks into one list. It allows you to prioritize certain projects.  


If you struggle with staying focused and find other platforms distracting, this may be the app for you. It blocks any websites, applications, or social media platforms during working hours, so you can stay on track.   


While working from home can ease stress and anxiety, it can still be a source of depression. This app helps you with self-care exercises, such as journaling and mindfulness meditation.  


Want to schedule a meeting or outing with coworkers? Doodle’s group polls, shared calendars and booking pages allow you to do so at ease.  

Read more about apps to download for remote work in MUO.  

Jotform lists 9 work-from-home apps to make your life easier.

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