Philly Tech Trends: Protecting Your Warehouse Against the Most Common Threats

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Warehouses are an important way to keep merchandise organized and safe, but lack of preparation can lead to your inventory being jeopardized nonetheless. There are a lot of potential hazards you need to have plans for if you don’t want any nasty surprises.

Courtesy of Techiexpert, here are some of the most common threats to the security of warehouses and how to prevent them.


Regardless of where your warehouse is located, desperate people will take notice of it. If you aren’t guarding against thieves, you stand to lose thousands upon thousands of dollars in a single night.

Security guards are an obvious step, but you also need to invest in a quality security camera system. With such technology, you can have one person keep an eye on the entire building from a single monitoring point. It is also important to get cameras that will be suited to each environment you will be using them in, such as weather-resistant models for usage outside the building.


Not all threats are deliberate. Your warehouse could be susceptible to harm just through old wiring that causes a fire after everyone has left for the night. And the packaging that most goods are kept in will be quick to catch fire.

Don’t skimp on a proper fire alarm system that can protect the building even when no one is around. It can make the difference between finding the fire department saved your merchandise or arriving to find everything is destroyed.

Quality Control

Some threats come just from negligence. Are your workers storing goods properly? You could have all manner of products passing through your warehouse and you need to ensure precautions for their care are being followed.

If you are storing goods that need to be kept at a certain temperature, make sure you have temperature sensors that will alert someone if your inventory is in an area that will be unsafe. Environmental sensors can also alert you to traces of smoke or chemicals in the air that could be bad for the merchandise or workers.

Lost Inventory

With so much inventory it can be easy to lose track of some items if you aren’t careful. Invest in CCTV to have a visual record of where everything was last left, but also keep thorough documentation. You can even set up alerts to be able to track packages as they are out for delivery so you can keep an eye on where they are at all times.

Unseen Moments

Some problems arise simply from nobody having eyes on the inventory to see that something has gone wrong. That is why in addition to camera feeds you also want to have recordings backed up on the cloud to consult. Having that kind of virtual storage space is important when you might need confirmation of something that happened months ago.

Ultimately, a warehouse is for protecting goods until it goes to its new owners. That means re-examining all aspects of your security for any obvious lapses is imperative.

For a more detailed explanation of how you can protect yourself against these threats, read Techiexpert’s article here.


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