Five Fun Remote Jobs for Gen Z

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Remote work is increasing in popularity, due to the work-life balance and freedom it offers. This workplace environment is most popular amongst Gen Z. FlexJobs recently identified Gen z remote jobs that would be most appealing.  

1. Stylist  

Amazon is looking for Zoomers who have a passion for fashion. Only two years of fashion experience is needed. The stylist gives Amazon shoppers recommendations based on their profile, writes Gabriella Olya for  

2. Lyrics Associate  

Have an ear for music? Now you have the liberty to jam out at home while making cash. Genius is looking for someone part-time to provide transcriptions for songs.  

3. Coffee Making & Tasting Instructor  

Sick of the barista life? Cozymeal wants for someone with three years of experience in the coffee industry. Caffeine aficionados can provide their expertise via virtual classes related to making coffee.  

4. Video Correspondent 

TikTok is all the rage now, and lots of Zoomers have become overnight viral sensations. Vlogging is basically a second language for Gen Z. A smartphone is all that’s required of this remote position for Foodable Network. Content creators just need to write scripts and shoot videos for the website.  

5. Digital Painter 

Tales is looking for a freelance digital painter with a knack for Photoshop.  This company is dedicated to making modern books and coming up with new ways of storytelling. Their website says: “Imagine Roblox but for fiction writers.”” The content will be used for their digital assets library.  

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How Gen Z will shake up the workforce.

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