Plymouth Meeting Candy Maker’s Holiday Gifts Will Stick in Recipients’ Memories: Gourmet Marshmallows

Three flavors of Malvern Road Marshmallows treats.
Images via Malvern Road Marshmallows.
Cookies & Creame Malvern Road Marshmallows treats.
Delicious flavors abound at Malvern Road Marshmallows.

Dana Hermann, a Plymouth Meeting native, created Malvern Road Marshmallows after she found some comfort from what was going on around her during the pandemic, writes Mary English for The Pottstown Mercury.

Her gourmet marshmallows turned out to be a hit with her family, and she realized she could make them herself for less money than she was paying at the local store.

So this fun treat shop was born about a year ago, with Malvern Road Marshmallows.

Hermann, who works as a dental hygienist, is planning to keep her hobby of Malvern Road Marshmallows as a side job. “I’m not looking to turn this into a second career or make a financial killing,” she said.

Still, she has no issues finding buyers for her treats, especially now she has expanded her flavor profiles beyond her initial trials with plain and peppermint.

“Salted caramel was the first one that actually had a filling, and it’s still my front runner,” said Hermann. “Cookies ‘n cream has been a real hit, and s’mores is also very popular.”

Her Hanukkah- and Christmas-themed marshmallows are especially popular as gifts last year. And the following Feb., sales of her Valentine’s Day-themed heart-shaped lollipops crusted with red, pink, and white sprinkles took off.

New additions include gluten-free chocolate chip cookie marshmallow sandwiches: two chocolate chip marshmallow cookies holding a generous dollop of vanilla-flavored marshmallows. They are sold by the half-dozen.

Read more about Malvern Road Marshmallows in The Pottstown Mercury.


Truly ambitious Montgomery County culinarians can try making marshmallows as Christmas presents themselves.


Editor Note: This post originally ran Sept. 8, 2021.

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