Havertown Mom Weighs in on Modern Playdates

Happy children sitting together and playing
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These days, every aspect of a child’s playdate seems to be orchestrated, then captured by smartphones and shared, writes columnist Julie Jargon for The Wall Street Journal.

Monica Davis McDonald in Havertown has noticed a lot more playdate photos floating around in the last two years

 These days, McDonald receives playdate photos when they involve her two younger children, ages 10 and 7, and she feels the pressure to do the same.

“I’m mindful of the fact that other parents probably expect photos,” she said.

Kids don’t entertain themselves in these modern times when parents want to make every moment magical for their child.

McDonald recalled when one of her daughter’s friends held a three-hour nighttime playdate with a showing of a movie in a backyard.

 “That type of magic-making is not my parenting style,” she says. “It honestly makes me tired.”

The reason for these recorded and hyper-organized playdates come from a need to assure other parents that their kid is safe, happy, and active while away.

It’s also so they and their child will be accepted in particular social circles, and fulfill a need to be the perfect mom.

Read more about sharing playdate photos at The Wall Street Journal.

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