Monster House Delco Brings High-Tech to Halloween Decorations


Technology is bringing a new kind of Halloween decorating to Monster House Delco in Broomall, writes Stephanie Farr for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

John DiMeo and his wife, Jen, use high-tech projection and audio equipment to turn their home into a spooky storyteller.

Exterior walls pulsate as hands push to get out.  Suddenly his home is part of Upside Down from Stranger Things, or it’s the headquarters of Ghostbusters or Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Some may be treated to Harry Belefonte’s “Jump in the Line” with dancing cast members from Beetlejuice.

DeMeo works in information technology and marketing. The 1997 Marple Newtown High graduate draws crowds of 50 or more to his Halloween extravaganza, his “Monster House Delco” to watch the 35-minute visuals.

 “I think people need a little bit more enjoyment and reasons to get out, get off their electronic devices, and spend more time with the family,” DiMeo said. “I think a catalyst to that is really just an event, an event that people can converge on together and interact and just enjoy themselves. I think creating this space and this show gives that to people and that’s why we do it.”

Read more about the Monster House Delco in Broomall at The Philadelphia Inquirer“.

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