Penn State Brandywine Professor Explores Shadow Work in Book

The book Shadow Work with therapist and author Danielle Massi
Image via Danielle Massi

A Penn State Brandywine adjunct professor has written Shadow Work, a book that helps people access the repressed part of themselves that is often the root cause of internal and external problems, writes Laura Brzyski for Philadelphia Magazine.

Danielle Massi, a licensed marriage and family therapist is also the founder of the holistic healing center The Wellness Collective. 

“Over time, shadow information builds up and overwhelms the mind’s delicate balance … interrupting thought patterns and sleep cycles,” potentially leading to mental and physical health issues, Massi notes in her book.

The process of tapping into information buried in the unconscious became part of Massi’s life when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2018, days before her 30th birthday.

She explored shadow work with a therapist as a way to heal and get through the appointments, hysterectomy, and depression that came with the diagnosis.

It changed her life.

“It was that moment I realized shadow work was the most effective way to get to the root cause of trauma,” she said.

Through meditation, you interrupt the process your brain goes through to store away the trauma or pain so you can change the way it exists in one’s brain.

Read more at Philadelphia Magazine about Shadow Work and Danelle Massi.

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