10 Simple Ways to Cope When Your Career or Life Feels Out of Control

Stay Calm
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It feels like every day delivers some fresh piece of upsetting news: wars, diseases, crime, and that doesn’t even count personal problems.

Eventually, you get to that straw that breaks the camel’s back and you can’t cope with it anymore.

Philadelphia magazine discussed this topic recently and the importance of knowing how to avoid spiraling into stress. Here are some of the best mechanisms to learn how to cope and get your mind right again.

Articulate What’s Wrong

It’s easier to fix what’s wrong once you realize what it is. Try talking to yourself about what’s going through your mind to narrow the real problem.

Focus on the Now

Being overwhelmed often stems from filling your mind with too much at once. Many find practices such as meditating a good way to reassess their priorities.

Figure Out What You Can Control

Regardless of how damaging a situation is, if you can’t fix it, why ruminate on it? Don’t torture yourself pondering what could have been. Focus on what is still in your control to produce good results.

Get Outside

Obligations like work can keep us indoors all day. That’s not healthy. Even if it is just sitting on a bench, take some time to step outdoors and look at the bigger world.

Get Off Social Media

People use social media to broadcast their idealized selves. Seeing everyone else’s perfect lives right now will only make you feel worse about your own problems.

Talk to Someone

Loneliness can really affect your mood. Speak with a trusted friend about what’s going on.


Neglecting your physical health will affect your mental health. Even if it’s just going for a walk around the block, make some time to get moving.

Find a Community

You need a regular support system. That could be people who enjoy the same hobby as you, or it could be family. Find a group that makes you feel supported.

Avoid Negative People

While seeking a source of camaraderie, don’t settle for just anyone. Avoid gossipers or passive-aggressive people who will only worsen your mood.

Take Action

The best antidote to fear and stress is ultimately to face the choice that bothers you. Regardless of how it goes, it will at least remove the dread of it.

While bad mental states are fleeting, they can lead to you making poor decisions. Take healthy steps to shake yourself from your funk before it causes you to make a mistake.

Read more about how to engage with each of these techniques and how they can help you cope by checking out the article from Philadelphia here.


Olivia Remes has coping tips on it keeping together in social and professional situations.


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