How and Where to Spot Electric Vehicle Investment Opportunities

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Electric vehicles have gradually been gaining a larger foothold in the country and that looks poised to continue.

California is so confident in the trend that they have approved a mandate to phase out the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Other states are considering joining that initiative too.

For investors, this means opportunity, as they want to be in on the ground floor before electric cars become the norm. The site Republic recently offered some noteworthy considerations for investing in this industry. Here are some key points to consider.

For starters, California’s estimate of 2035 being a reasonable time to see electric cars become more widespread is quite realistic. Numerous auto industry experts have chimed in, feeling at least another decade is the earliest we will see that major shift. So if you were hoping for something more expedient, the opinions of the professionals don’t support that.

If you are looking at specific companies to invest in, Tesla is the obvious one, but perhaps you want something with a lower cost as your entry point.

Some manufacturers that might be well-known in the future but are currently still growing are companies like Lordstown Motors which started in 2018.

Or, if you want to go with something with an older pedigree, there is Rivian which started in 2009 and has received investments from juggernauts like Ford and Amazon.

It’s not just the car manufacturers that you can invest in, though. You could also invest in the companies that supply the parts for the vehicles. Some noteworthy companies in that category include QuantumScape, a producer of lithium-ion batteries.

There is also fuel cell developers such as Ballard Power Systems. Both of those companies have each garnered over $1.2 billion from investors who are confident that they will be major figures in the future of the automotive industry.

Fred Hubler, CEO and Chief Wealth Strategist for Creative Capital Wealth Management Group, believes it will be generations before we can all wean the global economy off fossil fuels. “We just don’t have the infrastructure, the people, or the hardware for all of us to plug in at night, daily.”

“Full disclosure,” continued Hubler, “I have a Tesla and own shares of the stock because if any company can continue to disrupt the gas automobile industry, it’s Elon Musk and his team.”

When determining where to invest, you should examine a mix of those already blazing the trail forward for electric vehicles and those supporting the industry in adjacent methods. Electric cars will be supported by a lot of different technology that could use investors such as yourself for their initiatives.

Want to learn more about what to expect of the electric vehicle industry? Read further in the post from Republic here.


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