Cookie Designer in Brookhaven Loves the Challenge


Looking for a Delco-centric cookie? How about a get-well cookie for someone recovering from bunion surgery?  Chrissy Pascua-Povey in Brookhaven at Pomp and Splendor is the lady to see, writes Amanda Brady for

Pascua-Povey owns Pomp and Splendor by Chrissy, an online artisanal decorated sugar cookie shop.

She started Pomp and Splendor a year ago after getting married and looking for a way to channel her creative energy.

She taught herself how to make the cookies through watching YouTube videos and other creators on Instagram.

She’s done a range of decorative cookies, as people come up with more and more creative challenges.

It’s her part-time job when she’s not working as a clinical manager.

“We joke that it runs in our DNA,” she says. “My dad is just an incredible natural artist and my sister is a professional illustrator. This has just been a nice creative outlet and when I get home I can zone out on the cookies.”

No matter how elaborate the design, though, Chrissy sticks to basics.

“I make sure they taste good. That’s my first 100 percent number one priority. If they don’t taste good than to me it’s not worth it.“

Read more at about Chrissy Pascua-Povey’s sugar cookie business.

Here’s some cookie design ideas you can try on your own.

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