SEPTA Trolley Riders Asked to Contribute to New System Plans

A trolley station and trolley rendered for the Trolley Modernization Project survey.
Image via SEPA survey..

SEPTA plans to put riders in the driver’s seat in its Trolley Modernization Project, development of a new trolley and trolley station system in Delaware County and Philadelphia, reports the CBS 3 staff. 

Riders are invited to take a public survey to share their opinions and learn more about the Trolley Modernization Project.

The survey is available until July 24. Public feedback is also welcome at pop-up events scheduled at specific trolley stations.

The public transit authority describes the survey as “an important step as it hopes to transform Philadelphia’s trolley network, which is the largest in the country.”

People have been riding the current trolleys in the system since the 1980s but new ones are coming on board.

The new trolleys will move more passengers with a higher capacity.

They will also be accessible to the disabled, with audio-visual messaging systems, low floors and ramps, wider pathways, designed for people with wheelchairs, walkers and strollers.

On-street stations are being built for the new trolleys and underground stations are being rebuilt to make them fully accessible.

Click here to participate in the survey and learn more about the Trolley Modernization Project.

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