This Delco University Business Program Ranks High in Return Investment

The business school at Villanova University.
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The business school at Villanova University.

If you’re hoping to recoup the costs of your business education with a lucrative career,  you might want to consider business degrees at Philadelphia-area colleges, including one in Delaware County, writes Ryan Mulligan for Philadelphia Business Journal.

These local schools ranked well in offering the best returns on a graduate’s investment.

That’s according to a recent study from Georgetown University.

The Georgetown study calculated net earnings based on median salaries two years after graduation compared to average amounts of debt at a given school offering associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s business degrees.

In the mix was Villanova University’s undergraduate business program, which ranked 15th,  offering annual net earnings of $68,400 to graduates.

Penn follows at No. 16 with $66,000 in net earnings.

Coming in first was the MBA program from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

That was ranked as the most valuable business degree in the country, earning graduates a median salary of $165,000 two years after graduation.

The study also found the top net-earning bachelor’s degrees two years after graduation were in construction management, management information systems and insurance, respectively.

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