Just in Time to Defray Summer Expenses, C&N Bank Gives Away Four Franklins

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C&N Bank is giving away $400 to qualified checking account openers.

Psst. Hey. Hey you. How’d ya like a quick $400? It’s all above-board, too. C&N Bank has a current promotion going on. It’s rewarding online applicants for a C&N Checking Account with $400.

So, the financial institution not only gives out cash, but it also provides a place to put it. And a means to spread it around.

The logic behind the cash reward is to introduce new patrons to the bank’s outstanding service.

There are four simple steps to the 400 bucks:

  1. Open a checking account online. Customers who prefer to perform a transaction like this in person are welcome to do so; the reward for that interaction is $300.
  2. Make an initial deposit of $1,000 (or more)
  3. Sign up for direct deposit. The automatic influx of funds should be at least $5,000 within the first three months. The bank’s ClickSWITCH functionality makes moving amounts from legacy institutions to C&N easy and secure.
  4. Keep the account active for four months.

That’s it.

Need some ways to spend $400? Here are some summery ideas:

  • 1,000 pints of fresh strawberries
  • 100 Klondike ice cream bars
  • 79 gallons of gas
  • 40 weekly beach tags for Ocean City, N.J.
  • 28 cans of sprayable sunscreen
  • 16 electric breakfast sandwich makers
  • 8 boxes of premium golf balls

More information on this C&N Checking Account promo is online.