Philadelphia Union Embraces Critical Role of Footwear in the ‘Boot Room’


Footwear for soccer players is taken very seriously since feet are the only way to score a goal, reports Ducis Rodgers for 6abc.

“The most important gear we wear — the boots,” says Philadelphia Union midfielder Alejandro Bedoya. 

That’s what soccer players call them.  The rest of us call them cleats.

In the Union’s Chester training complex, there’s a section dedicated just to them—the “Boot Room” where dozens of pairs of boots are housed.

.”Besides the uniform, the boots are key in everything that we do,” says Brandon Comisky, the Union’s director of equipment operations. 

He oversees the uniforms, the balls and yes, each individual pair of boots.

Each pair is different and customized to each player’s preference. There are dozens of pairs in various sizes and colors.

There’s also a unique characteristic to the “Boot Room.”

“The coolest thing about the room is the distinct smell that’s in here,” Comisky says.

Bedoya agrees.

“It kind of smells a little bit. The different boots the guys wear, dirty socks, dirty shoes,” Bedoya says.

“Thank God there’s a door because we can open it and just air it out,” Comisky adds.

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