RKL: Three Ways Your Organization Can Benefit from Outsourced HR

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No matter the type of organization, there are always people-related tasks to complete. While a human resources department typically takes care of these, not every organization has the need for a full, in-house HR team. If that’s the case for your organization, you may want to consider working with an outsourced HR consultant or team of consultants to handle the tasks you don’t currently have HR capacity for. Here are three benefits that come with outsourcing your HR function:

Expand capabilities with specialized knowledge: There are many different areas and specialties within HR. Even if you have in-house HR staff, they may not have the specialized knowledge you need. When working with an outside HR resource, you can tap into someone with the exact expertise you need, whether that’s policy development, recruiting and hiring, employee relations, organizational management or labor laws.

Save money with tailored help: An outsourced HR consultant works for you, meaning you can determine how much help you need. Maybe you only need occasional assistance. Or, you might need a more full-time solution. Either way, you can decide what works best for your organization and your needs. Because you are only paying for expertise as you need it, you help cut staffing expenses. Often times, with the cost of one in-house employee salary, you can access a number of HR professionals.

Stay compliant with regulations: HR staff is responsible for maintaining and updating many crucial documents such as an employee handbook and benefits guide. These are living documents that need to be updated regularly to reflect new regulations and policy changes as they happen. Because these documents need to be updated so frequently, your internal team may be unable to own that responsibility on top of everything else they handle. Relying on an outsourced HR advisor helps to ensure your resources remain compliant and your employees have access to the most recent information, even as the laws and regulations change.

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Lindsay M. Heist is Senior Human Resources Consultant with RKL LLP, which has an office in the Exton Corporate Center. She assists clients with a variety of HR projects and issues, including employee relations, benefits and leave administration, talent management, compliance, and training and development.