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While results are still too close to call statewide in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate GOP Primary race, here in Delaware County, voters generally gave clear indications of who they wanted as their candidates for the General Election in November.

Among the unofficial results were several uncontested races.

Here is what the Delaware County Election Bureau reported for unofficial Election Night totals.

In the U.S. Senate race. For the GOP, Dave McCormick was ahead in Delco, receiving 17,973 votes to Mehmet Oz’s 16,438.  McCormick received 15,998 in-person and 1,975 mail-in votes.  Oz took 15,300 in-person and 1,138 mail-in votes. Kathy Barnette secured the third-most votes, at 11,451.

Democratic candidate John Fetterman was way ahead in Delaware County, securing 28,743 total votes, 18,319 in-person and 10,424 mail-in ballots.

Conor Lamb was the second-largest vote-getter for U.S. Senate in Delaware County, securing 16,242 total votes, 9,603 in-person and 6,639 mail-in ballots. Malcolm Kenyatta took third, at 11,058 votes.

In the governor’s race, Democrat Josh Shapiro ran unopposed in the Democratic Primary, receiving 58,020 total Delco votes.

Republican candidate and former Delaware County Councilman Dave White was the Delco choice in the governor’s race for the GOP, receiving 27,564 votes. Coming in a more distant second in Delaware County was Douglas V. Mastriano, who received 10,982 votes.

In the lieutenant governor’s race, Democrat Austin Davis took a strong lead with 32,766 votes in Delaware County. Coming in second was Brian Sims, with 17,183 votes.

On the Republican side, Clarice Schillinger received 13,148 votes. Coming in second was James Earl Jones, with 7,189 votes.

Here are the Delaware County results for the remaining candidates.

U.S. Rep. 5th District. Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon (unopposed), 56,505. Republican David Galluch (unopposed), 49,490.

PA Senate 8th District.  Democrat Anthony Hardy Williams, 4,678. Democrat Paul Prescot, 1,475.

There were no Republican candidates for the 8th District seat.

PA Senate 26th District. Democrat Tim Kearney (unopposed), 24,103. Republican Frank Agovino (unopposed), 23,289.

PA Rep. 159th District. Democrat Carol Kazeem, 2,467. Democrat Brian Kirkland, 1,942. Republican Ruth Moton (unopposed), 2,854.

PA Rep. 160th District. Democrat Cathy Spahr (unopposed), 3,738. Republican Craig Williams (unopposed), 5,921.

PA Rep. 161st District. Democrat Leanne Krueger (unopposed), 6,293. Republican Ed Mongelluzzo (unopposed), 6,632.

PA Rep. 162nd District. Democrat David M. Delloso (unopposed), 5,001. Republican Michelle Mattus (unopposed), 5,851.

PA Rep. 163rd District. Democrat Mike Zabel (unopposed), 5,467. Republican Kenneth P. Rucci (unopposed), 4,912.

PA Rep. 164th District. Democrat Gina H. Curry (unopposed), 5,247. There was no Republican candidate for this seat.  

PA Rep. 165th District. Democrat Jennifer O’Mara (unopposed), 8,235. There was no Republican candidate for this seat.

PA Rep. 166th District. Democrat Greg Vitali, 5,720. Democrat David Brown, 4,074. Republican Kim Razzano (unopposed), 6,502.

PA Rep. 168th District. Democrat Lisa Borowski (unopposed), 6,591. Republican Chris Quinn (unopposed), 5,698.

PA Rep. 185th District. Democrat Regina G. Young (unopposed), 352. There was no Republican candidate for this seat.

PA Rep. 191st District. Democrat Joanna E. McClinton (unopposed), 2,555. There was no Republican candidate for this seat.

See Delaware County’s entire Election Night results.

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