See Which Delco Town Made a Top 10 PA List for Healthiest Housing Market

A model of a home made from $100 bills.
Image via Kostiantyn Li on Unsplash.

A Delaware County community made a top 10 list in Pennsylvania organized by SmartAsset, of the healthiest housing markets in 2021.  

SmartAsset analyzed several factors for its annual study including how long residents stayed in the same home, which homes create negative equity, which homes decreased in value, how long houses stayed on the market and how affordable homes were to potential buyers.

The best combination of those factors ranked a community higher on the top list. Broomall came in 7th.

For Broomall, the average number of years owners stayed in their homes was 17.2.  The number of homes with negative equity was only at 4.2%.  The community saw 13.6% of its homes decrease in value.

Houses put up for sale in Broomall stayed on the market for an average of 75.2 days.

For potential buyers, home costs in Broomall were an amount equivalent to 21.1% of income.

Overall, Broomall’s healthiest housing market index was 80.90.

By comparison, New Cumberland, which ranked first on the list, had a 97.54 healthy home market index.  Homes there stayed on the market an average of 63.5 days. The community saw 11.2% of its homes decrease in value.

The lowest ranking community, Perkasie, had a 76.45 health home market index.

See the entire report at SmartAsset.