Proud Student Pursues Nursing Career at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

Jabrisha Osbourne
Image via Pennsylvania Institute of Technology.
Jabrisha Osbourne.

Jabrisha Osbourne, a nursing student at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology in Media has received a scholarship to help her toward her eventual goal of earning a BS degree in nursing.

She has dreamed of becoming a nurse since she was a little girl. After watching her father battle lung cancer, she decided to get work as a certified nursing assistant. When the pandemic hit, she started looking into Practical Nursing as a way to help others, and enrolled at P.I.T.

P.I.T. offers an Allied Health–Practical Nursing program that combines a career certificate program in Practical Nursing with a Allied Health associate degree program which provides the education and training to successfully pass the NCLEX exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

“Since being at P.I.T. I’ve learned different ways to advance myself professionally and personally,” Osbourne says.

The most memorable classes so far for this nursing student have been with professor Geri Swindell, B.S.N., R.N.

In the meantime, working as a nursing assistant has been rewarding, “especially during the holidays when most of my clients cannot visit their family members. I help to provide love and comfort to them so they don’t feel as if they are alone in this world,” she says.

As to her decision to enroll at P.I.T., Osbourne says she wishes she had made the decision sooner to enroll.

“I always advise my friends to come to PIT because here the Professors will work with you to make sure you’re not just memorizing the lessons, you’re actually understanding what you’re learning,” she says.

She recalled how her first letter from P.I.T. congratulating her on her academic performance actually made her work harder.

When she’s not working and studying, Osbourne enjoys spending time with her son, watching murder mystery movies and listening to music.

The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology in Media, founded in 1953, is a two-year accredited, private non-profit college offering education for those looking for career development and advancement, college transfer opportunities, and personal growth.

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