‘One-of-a-Kind’ Food Hall Comes to Chester Courtesy of a Chef-Led Nonprofit

Everybody Eats Philly team of chefs.
Image via Everybody Eats Philly.
Everybody Eats Philly Team: Kurt Evans, Stephanie Willis, Gregory Headen, Aziza Young, and Malik Ali.

A unique food hall is coming to Chester in early February for Black History Month as a creative way to tackle food insecurity in the city and help underserved communities, writes Marilyn Johnson for phillygrub.blog appearing at original.newsbreak.com.

Vittles Food Hall is a one-of-a-kind food court in the historical district of Chester at 9th and Sproul Street.

The casual space under a 12,000 square-foot roof offers a fresh culinary experience of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for everyone in the community.

Critically acclaimed chefs and local best-in-class operators will provide a diverse menu.

The craft food hall comes from the chef-led BIPOC nonprofit, Everybody Eats.

There’s Everybody Eats Tacos (Mexican street food); Everybody Eats Burgers (gourmet burgers, pizzas and more); Everybody Eats Soul Food (traditional southern soul); Everybody Eats Salads (build your own salads and sandwiches); and The Perfect Catch (seafood).

The ‘All-Star Chef Team’ that designed the menu includes Aziza Young (Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen alum), Kurt Evans (The World’s 50 Best Chefs), Malik Ali (Chopped alum), Gregory Headen (Chopped champion) and Stephanie Willis (Masterchef alum).

Because of COVID, the food hall will have a contactless ordering and payment system, drive-thru and walk-up windows, and a dining room with nooks to promote social distancing. Delivery via third-party services will be available.

Find out more at original.newsbreak.com.

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