Looking to Sell Your Home in 2022? It’s Good Times Ahead, Drexel Expert Predicts

woman puts up a house for sale sign. Housing market looks good for sellers in 2022.
Image via Pavel Danilyuk at Pexels.
The Philadelphia Business Journal sees continuing rosy times for sellers in the local 2022 residential real estate market.

Not much will change in the Greater Philadelphia housing market in 2022, says a Drexel University expert, writes Kennedy Rose for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Kevin Gillen, a senior research fellow at Drexel’s Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation forecast, predicts another seller’s market year with low inventory and rising prices.

Among his observations for this year are a continued environment of scarcity and its effect on prices.

“I think that the main thing that’s going to be a factor in 2022 is inventories,” he said. “And I don’t see them changing at all, at least maybe, until the second half of the year.”

But the good news for sellers is tempered by a few emerging factors

For one, buyer fatigue at getting priced out of properties may lead them to sit out until prices moderate.

And additional inventory resulting from new construction could edge housing market economics closer to normalcy.

“It’ll cause some slowing, but it’s not enough to cause the market to turn,” said Gillen.

In December, the number of listed homes fell by 6.2 percent year-over-year, with median sales price increasing by 9 percent to $305,000.

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