Connection Interrupted. Looking at Internet Connectivity Across Delco

Image via Marcelo Graciolli.

We’re all used to having mostly reliable, fast, and wide-reaching internet service. But there are still parts of Delaware County where that simply isn’t true.

Now, Delaware County Council wants to do something about it, writes Kenny Cooper for

An online survey running until Jan. 14 is asking residents to identify residential and commercial areas where there isn’t reliable access to broadband internet.

You can only take the survey with wired and WiFi connections, not with cellular connections. That means non-responses to the survey in areas without broadband connections are just as important as those who can respond.

About 14% of Pennsylvania households don’t have internet subscriptions.  About 3% have no broadband infrastructure.

“Access is not equal, even though when you look at … the FCC maps and you look at a lot of other maps that purport to show where there’s broadband access, Delaware County, it looks like it’s entirely covered, but we know we’re not,” said County Council member Christine Reuther.

In southeastern Delaware County, limited access is often due to affordability. There are entire sections of Chester that don’t have broadband access, she pointed out.

Read more at about the county’s effort to find blind spots in its internet connections.

CBS News looks at efforts to invest millions in broadband internet for low-income and rural areas.

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